"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself for me." - Galatians 2:20

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Friday, November 22, 2013


Periodically, I want to escape from life. 

Alright, I'll be honest . . . lately, I've wanted to jump on a jet and fly east.

In my mind I run and hide to the hills of Wisconsin.  I imagine a cabin nestled in the woods, close to a babbling brook where deer come each morning to refresh.  The sun glistens through the trees and a-frame windows, landing on the over-size chair where I sit with my hot tea and books in my blanket-covered lap.  A slight crack in the window reveals a glorious symphony performed by the blue jays and red cardinals while the crackling fire warms my feet on the ottoman.  

For a moment, I get really imaginative and pretend there are no demands or interruptions . . . no emails, no social media, no phones ringing or buzzing, no errands to run, no schedules to keep up with, no attitudes to tame, no conflicts to curb . . . just pure simplicity.

Then, the blaring siren on the clothes dryer awakens my stupor and I quickly realize my little 'escape,' abruptly comes to a halt.  Rats!

There seems to be a common thread in nearly every conversation I've had with people in recent months.  "Yeah . . . we're doing pretty good, but you know, we're just so . . . (any guesses?), busy."  I've decided I officially don't like the word, "busy."  I think it should be in the top ten bad word list.  Followed up with this statement goes something like, "I just feel so overwhelmed."  To be accurate, I think I just quoted myself.

Life throws different curve balls at random times.  Thankfully we have a coach who teaches us how to approach them and cheers for us while we handle them.  Even when:

  • There's more month left than money
  • Our child's teacher calls home to discuss their questionable behavior
  • Those close to us fail to remember important dates
  • The argument with our daughter escalated too far
  • Raging insecurities hover over our heart like a dark cloud
  • We feel spiritually empty and unmotivated
  • Our schedule threatens to strangle our sanity

The reality of our existence reveals our weakness to somehow, "do it all and be it all,  for all people at all times."  We can't and were never intended to.  There is only One who can and it's not our place to try and fill His position.

When I glance at my long to-do list to complete before the end of this year I tell myself, There is no way even half of this is going to get done!  For a change, this doesn't choke me like it used to.  God is teaching me to relax and learn to let go of some things.  Now, don't get my type-A self wrong, I want my list to get done, but strangely, I'm beginning to lower my expectations and shrug my shoulders when life doesn't operate like I want.  Dare I say that releasing this control is almost therapeutic.   

In our over-whelmed busyness I believe the Lord draws us to Him.  In our desire to escape, let's escape and embrace the One who holds our hands, heals our hurts and takes care of our tomorrow's.  And remember, our need for God is obvious and our dependence upon Him should not be oblivious. Care to Tweet?

Copyright 2013 by Hester Christensen.  All rights reserved.

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