"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself for me." - Galatians 2:20

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Friday, June 13, 2014


Spring and summer make a grand entrance.  New life sprouts where thatched grass once existed.  Bulbs poke through the earth, smiling through cheerful colors and whimsical shapes.  This season exudes playful beauty.  

There I was, minding my own business while I coveted relished the yards in our neighborhood recently, when an unexpected garden lesson began to un-choke my tangled heart. 

Two weeks ago our family tackled some yard work.  We were hopeful to somehow repair the train wreck on our property.  Our lack of landscape bothers me like sitting on the toilet in the dark . . . only to realize the lid is still up.  Nasty, right?  I have a thang for pretty yards and flower beds.  Due to some interior house issues we have yet to tackle my preferred project . . . the yard.  

I began to reminisce of the good 'ole days back in Boise, where our yard and garden were a lovely respite and joyful sanctuary.  

Sometimes, it's unwise to look back.  Focusing on the past can keep our vision blurred for the future. (Care to Tweet)

Take a gander . . . 

These photos don't even show the fruit trees, blueberry and raspberry bushes.  Nor do they show the enchanting flower beds around the home that echo eloquence and delight.

Now envision my new garden in Spokane.  It is not physical, but rather spiritual.  God is giving me eyes for the eternal to see this.  The hearts of my neighbors are the places I now plant seeds.  
  • Seeds of hope.  
  • Seeds of love.  
  • Seeds of friendship.  

Behind their eyes I see hurting souls, broken hearts and isolation . . . all in need of connection.  God showed me I certainly do have a new garden in Spokane; one of eternal value and lasting beauty.

He beckons my response to this question, "The harvest is plentiful, Hester, but the workers are few.  Will you join Me in this harvest?"  

God is doing a new thing in my heart.  I'm done grieving over what I miss.  I can honestly tell you, I don't even give a rip about my undone yard anymore.  It actually feels good to be okay with this.  

Maybe I'll plant some flowers this year, maybe I won't.  Flowers are God's lovely creation and gardening is not wrong.  I think more than anything, God has taught me to stop complaining of what I don't have and recognize what I do have:  Something of greater value needing my care and cultivation for this season.  

He is replacing the weed of discontent with seeds of love, with a fruitful harvest in mind.  This new perspective allows me to accept that while I would like my yard to look differently, the investment of time this year is in His eternal garden.  As I keep my focus on the present it will help my vision stay clear for the future.

I have quietly prayed for revival in my neighborhood for over a year.  The gates of heaven have been stormed with private petitions.  We have intentionally reached out to our neighbors since we moved to this area of town two years ago.  We want to be their friends.  We want to love them as Christ would.  We are slowly reaping the blessings of friendship amongst them.  

What garden is God asking you to invest in?  The harvest is plentiful . . . I want to be a worker of His harvest.   How about you?  

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